Quick Tip Tuesday

Quick Tip Tuesday: The Scoop

Since Spring is just around the corner, lets try something new! Just as the name implies every week I will post a quick tip. Now, I’m not promising Mensa level thoughts or ideas but simple things that we have found helpful and hope you do too! Now that you have the scoop on what Quick Tip Tuesday (QTT) is all about, here is how to make an actual scoop.

Reuse clean plastic containers, with handles, for scoops! Half gallon milk containers work well for smaller scoops. Or you can fashion a larger, heavier duty, scoop from something like a gallon ice tea container {if you drink that sort of stuff} Using a sharp blade carefully cut around the container at the desired size. If the cut is a little ragged use a pair of scissors to smooth it out. {I found that our gallon milk jugs were too soft to make effective scoops but every manufacturer is different.}

This gallon tea container has much thicker plastic and is very sturdy.


I use a half gallon milk scoop, pictured below, to fill my seedling trays but you could use these for bird seed, pet food etc. Really the sky is the limit for the uses. Bonus tip: It can also be used as a funnel if you remove the lid!




QTT scoop


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