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Quick Tip Tuesday: The Cord Minder

Happy Tuesday everyone! Ready for the next installment of Quick Tip Tuesday? Good, here we go!

As a rule, I like my kitchen counters to be uncluttered. I think it makes the kitchen look and feel cleaner. Maybe it’s just me. But every rule has exceptions right? A few items have earned their space on my counter, the biggest one would be the stand mixer. It would be an odd day indeed if I didn’t use it at least once. I love this machine to pieces, but what do you do about the cord? Some appliances have a built in place to wrap the cord, like my food processor, but most do not.

Enter the lowly cardboard tube.


Simply use scissors to cut the tube to the desired length and then slide it over the cord. BAM! You’re already done. Is it the prettiest thing in my kitchen? No, but it is functional and more importantly free. And really you can’t even see the tube when the mixer is pushed into the corner of the counter. I also use this same trick on my stick blender, waffle maker, juicer and vacuum sealer.


{As a side note: The pattern and colors of the counter tops are horrible. It has pink splotches in the marbling that just looks like cool-aid stains to me, but alas, some one designed it that way. The kitchen will get a remodel… someday.}

QTT Cord


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