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Preparing for a Feast

While making rolls and a sweet potato side dish I thought I would share with you a wonderful little trick for evenly sized rolls. A digital scale, we put off getting one for a long time but it has definitely earned its space in my kitchen.{ This is the one we decided on.}

Using the scale after your dough is mixed and risen take a total weight and divid by the number of rolls you want to make and weigh out each roll. To make clean up a breeze place you scale inside of a clear bag, or use cling wrap. I use the metric setting as it make the math easier. This little trick is handy for making layered cakes, cupcakes muffins etc.

perfectly even rolls every time
perfectly even rolls every time

Here is a link to the recipe for the rolls pictured above. I cut the recipe in half to make 15 rolls. Hope every one has a wonderful day tomorrow!



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