Before we begin I want to let every one know that this is a working farm. As such, we raise everything from vegetables to animals. We will share how we harvest our animal crops as well as our vegetable crops; this may include some pictures and/or descriptions that could upset some of the more “sensitive” people. You have been warned. If you have a problem with what and how we do things, we would love to hear from you but only in a constructive manner. We will answer any questions to the best of our ability and hope you ask many as that is a chance for all of us to learn.

Most of the things we have learned have been on a learn-as-you-go basis, you can not always find what you want in books or on the internet. Our intention of this blog is to share our experiences, both the good and the bad, in the hopes of helping ourselves as well as others. We will cover every thing from the seed to harvest, preserving and recipes, birth to butcher, foundation to roof…

We are by no means a “perfect” homestead, but we are slowly making better decisions for the lifestyle we are pursuing. One step at a time and we will arrive at our goal. What is our goal? To sum it up in a neat little package, self sufficiency or as near to it as we can get. There are still questions like can I function without coffee in the morning? No and since we can’t grow it (zone 5), we will buy it, fair trade, organic, and sustainably grown coffee from the store. We live our life smart not strict.

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  1. Post from Homestead Blogging Network link, What We Learned Raising Meat Rabbits is no longer working. Please may I read the article? It sounds like you have learned a lot.

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